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«Khomov electro» is a manufacturer with many years of experience in production of high-quality capacitor banks collaborating with recognized leaders on the market of PFC components. If you need prompt construction and delivery of any PFC equipment - we are always at your disposal.
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Products of Khomov Electro Company

The product range of capacitor banks manufactured at our enterprise is rather wide. We produce adjustable power capacitor banks (UKM 58) with automatic stage switching by contactors or thyristors (KRMT and KRMTF) rated for voltages of 0.4 kV, 0.44 kV, 0.50 kV, 0.52 kV, and 0.69 kVwith capacity of up to 1300 kvar.

For reactive power compensation in networks 6.3-10.5-35-110 kV we manufacture fixed capacitor banks (UKL 56, UKL 57) and stepwise adjustable banks (UKRM), including those with harmonic filters (KRMF). The rated capacity range is 100 ...40 000 kvar.

Capacitor banks for larger capacities can be made under individual orders.

The capacitor banks are available in the following climatic versions: U3, U1, HL1 (container for northern areas).

Have you ever encountered a situation when you lacked just one piece to fix a "dead" installation? Do you have an old circuit breaker made by a company that closed long ago, whose failure will make you just guess where to go and whom to ask for a similar device?

We can help you in procurement of component parts. We offer high-quaility components from reliable world-class manufacturers: LV and HV capacitors, regulators, contactors, three-phase chokes, split-core and summation current transformers, and measurement instrumentation from LOVATO Electric.

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