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Electric power quality analysis

Electric power quality analysis
Electric power quality analysis
Electric power quality analysis
Electric power quality analysis
Electric power quality analysis
Electric power quality analysis
Electric power quality analysis
Electric power quality analysis

We recommend that you use on-site measurements such as power quality analysis in order to correctly select a capacitor unit type and its capacity to prevent resonance or voltage surges.

The specialists of our production engineering unit use a FLUKE 345 (Germany) electric power quality analyzer to take power quality measurements. A technical report is issued basing on measurements taken, including the recommended capcitor unit type and its capacity.

If necessary, we can also provide some on-site activities by our technician to provide setup and programming of the system, personnel training and equipment commissioning.

As a rule, measurements are taken for selection of the type and capacity of reactive power compensation unit and filtering devices that meet the requirements of power sippliers in a particular region. Regulatory documents: GOST 13109, RD 153-34.0-15.501, RD 153-34.0-15.502; Order of RF's Ministry of Industry and Energy No. 49 of 02.22.2007.

It is required to define the network structure, plot a schedule for measurements, and submit them to the management of the company where measurements will be taken prior to any works aimed at the selection of the type of a capacitor bank.

A list of units recommended for installation approved by the company electrical supervisor is drawn up after all measurements are complete. Besides the proposed location of the reactive power compensation equipment is determined.

Fluke 345 is a professional instrument for electric power quality analysis that enables measurement various electrical values during troubleshooting or detection of disturbance sources in single-phase or three-phase systems as well as investigation of switching transients. The built-in memory provides long-term registration of data for further analysis of timewise relationships and intermittent malfunctions. The instrument has an USB interface for data transmission to a PC and features simple operation and high safety level.

The analyzer enables:

  • measurement of high currents, ensuring high accuracy even for distorted waveforms, with a crest factor of up to 5;
  • conducting analysis of harmonics with direct display of data for up to the 30th harmonic;
  • conducting analysis of harmonics with a storage capacity of 150,000 measurements and saving the harmonic content with the waveform. The waveform is displayed as a curve on the oscilloscope screen;
  • saving up to 50 various sreenshots with minimum, maximum, or average values for subsequent analysis.

To evaluate the cost of measurements we need the following data:

  • what is the number of measurement points?
  • measurement time for each measurement
  • total stay duration for our specialist on the site to conduct measurements
  • site address

Call at +7 (495) 981-98-39, +7 (495) 642-58-82, +7 (498) 653-40-68 or send a request to our sales department at for further information on any questions related to power quality analysis.

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