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Khomov electro is a manufacturer with many years of experience in production of high-quality capacitor banks collaborating with recognized leaders on the market of PFC components. If you need prompt construction and delivery of any PFC equipment - we are always at your disposal.
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Company information

The Russian manufacturer of condenser units - "Khomov electro" production association - is a young and fastest growing company operating in the energy sector.

The company which is established only some times ago, but gained a reputation of a reliable partner in the sphere of electric power and is able to reliably fulfill your order for the manufacture of capacitor banks within the shortest time thanks to its in-house production facilities, properly organized production process, and established direct supplies of high-quality components for reactive power compensation.

Having more than 10-year experience onn Russian electric power market in the field of reactive power compensation facilities, harmonic filtering, and electric power quality improvement, the Khomov electro' personnel will help you select an optimal solution meeting the electric power quality requirements for electric power and industrial companies.

The following can be considered as a guarantee of the high quality of our products and services offered: practical skills and proficiency underpinned by scientific knowledge, application of foreign-made components from international manufacturers - well-established leaders in their industries, and the competence of its design engineers. Having a staff of skilled personnel in the engineering department, the main function of whom is development of reactive power compensator designs in a compact modular build with the subsequent introduction in batch production contributes to the high productivity growth rate, since the Khomov electro's engineering solutions play a key role in the effective development of company's products.

The substantial production capabilities enable us to manufacture a wide range of high-, medium-, and low-voltage equipment with electric contactors and thyristor switches with harmonic filters, as well as in various climatic versions - U3, U1, HL1. Besides, we produce capacitor banks and filter compensating devices.

All our products are certified.

Apart from production of various reactive power compensation facilities, we also offer the following services:

  • electric power quality analysis with issuing a report and recommendations for selection of reactive power compensator type and power;
  • on-site commissioning and erection supervision works;
  • on-site erection works.

So, we are able to fulfill turn-key orders: from carrying out electric power quality analysis and manufacturing the equipment up to putting the equipment into operation.

For the time being, Khomov electro has developed and supplied reactive power compensation and harmonic filtering facilities of various degrees of complexity to more than 150 power industry facilities and construction sites in Moscow, Nizhnevartovsk, Surgut, Kolyma, Ufa, as well as in states of the former Soviet Union: Turkmenistan, Byelorussia, and Kazakstan.

143405, Moscow region, city Krasnogorsk, st. Ilyinsky tupik, 6, Business Centre "Beryozovaya roscha", Suite 5.
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