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Khomov electro is a manufacturer with many years of experience in production of high-quality capacitor banks collaborating with recognized leaders on the market of PFC components. If you need prompt construction and delivery of any PFC equipment - we are always at your disposal.
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LOVATO Electric

Measuring Devices DMK
Measuring Devices DMK
Digital Multimeters of the DMG
Digital Multimeters of the DMG
Programmable Relay LRD (Micro PLC)
Programmable Relay LRD (Micro PLC)

We are happy to offer you a range of devices from Italian manufacturer LOVATO Electric, which we supply to the Russian market.

Measuring Devices DMK
The measuring devices DMK can be divided into two main groups: universal measuring devices with a wide range of the parameters measured and simplified devices that measure from 3 to 39 parameters.

The universal measuring devices DMK can help to measure from 47 to 250 parameters with data representation on 4 or 5 three-digit scales. The devices belonging to this group simultaneously display information for all three phases as well as total and average values of the parameters. Depending on the version the devices of this group can have solid-state as well as dry contacts; can communicate with the computer via RS 485 or RS 232 interface; can have internal memory. The universal devices can be produced for door mounting or DIN-rail installation. Depending on the type, the devices of this group can be supplied from an alternating current network with a frequency of 50/60 Hz and a voltage of 110-240 V, 208-240 V or direct current voltage of 9-32 V, 110-250 V.

Digital Multimeters of the DMG 200, DMG 210, and DMG 300 Series
Digital multimeters of the DMG 200, DMG 210 and DMG 300 series are produced in the frame size 4 and equipped with an LCD display, limiting luminescence, which guarantees the high quality of all the electric quantities depiction of the electric equipment. High measurements precision and device portability make the device indispensable for any use. The DMG 210 model has a special built-in isolated interface RS 485. The DMG 300 model has a provision for expanding up to 3 modules of the EXM series with the aid of optical interface. Please, see the table below with detailed description of the expansion modules of the EXM series for DMG 300.

Digital Multimeters of the DMG 700, DMG 800 Series and Digital Electric Energy Quality Analyzer DMG 900, DMG 900T
The digital multimiters DMG 700, DMG800 and digital electric energy quality analyzers DMG 900 and DMG 900T show the results of the measurements on a large LCD display with high precision, establishing easy interaction between user and the device. It enables control over the whole electricity distribution network, and helps to avoid power-related problems.
The multimeters have withdrawable case with the dimensions of 9696 mm with 4 slots for insertion of the expansion modules EXP, that allow using the device in different conditions. The main advantages of the digital multimeters DMG 700 and DMG800 are wide range of power supply, high measurement precision, possibility for expansion with 4 insert modules EXP, and a convenient LCD display.

Soft Starters of ADXM and ADX Series from LOVATO Electric
A soft starter of the ADXM-BP series is a static, compact device for motors up to 22 kW (400VAC) and 11 kW (220VAC), which provides soft start and stop of 3-phase induction motors with rated current of up to 45A. The start-up and stop time and starting torque are regulated independently with built-in potentiometers. The soft-starters ADXM-BP lessen the mechanical load on bearings and gears. They are an ideal solution for conveyer belts, compressors, pumps, lifting mechanisms, and fans.
The ADX is a soft starter with reduced starting voltage, firing angle control and maximum start current limitation. It is used for soft start and stop of 3-phase induction motors with squirrel-cage rotor. The built-in bypass contactor (available only for the ADX-BP and ADX-B models) significantly limits the heat loss. This leads to the ventilation system elimination and dimensions reduction.

Programmable Relay LRD (Micro PLC)
The LRD relay fully controls the system, provides information about the contacts state in form of small simple diagrams and is used for expansion of systems integrated into an information network.
Advantages of the programmable relay LRD (Micro PLC):

  • quick mounting in control boards;
  • less components, less connections;
  • less errors in the control stations assembling, time saving;
  • quick correction of defects during tests, leading to quicker modification of control stations.
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