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Khomov electro is a manufacturer with many years of experience in production of high-quality capacitor banks collaborating with recognized leaders on the market of PFC components. If you need prompt construction and delivery of any PFC equipment - we are always at your disposal.
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Power factor correction banks

Power factor correction banks
Power factor correction banks
Power factor correction banks
Power factor correction banks

Our production facilities permit us to manufacture capacitor banks for different kinds of voltages, the product range is very wide.

The capacitor banks for reactive power compensation of the RPC type (UKM 58) rated for 0.4 kV are used to reduce the power consumption and to improve the line capacity by the optimization of the operating mode of the electric network in the loaded points, as well as to raise the power factor of the electric facilities of industrial enterprises and supply networks with automatic or manual regulation of the reactive power at the frequency of 50 Hz.

The harmonic currents in the power-supply system can be significantly reduced with the KRMF 0,4 kV contactor-switched capacitor banks from our company with harmonic filters for tuning frequencies of 134 Hz and 189 HZ for protection of the capacitors from the currents of higher harmonics.

We produce RPCF 0,4 kV capacitor banks with harmonic filters (UKMF, AFKU, DFKU) for use in systems with high level of harmonic distortions with the capacity of up to 1300 kvar and higher and the detune frequency of 134 Hz (14%, suppression beginning from the 13th harmonic) and 189 Hz (7%, suppression beginning from the 5th harmonic). The units with the capacity over 200 kvar are available in a compact module version.

Our company produces regulated capacitor units KRMT and KRMTF with thyristor switching for severely fluctuating loads of the enterprise, such as material handling equipment, lifts, arc furnaces, welding units, electric drives for lift-and-carry mechanisms, and cranes.

Unregulated capacitor banks for 6.3-10.5 kV (UKL 56, UKL 57) are used in electric networks at constant loads, that is, when the reactive power consumption doesn't change with time. We manufacture capacitor banks with the operating voltage of up to 35 kV and capacity of up to 40 000 kvar.

We can manufacture compensation unitscapacitor banks (UKL 56) with disconnectng switch as well as those (UKL 57) without a circuit breaker in different climatic versions (categories): U3 (N, moderate climate), U1 (N, moderate climate), HL1 (F, cold climate) at the client's option. In each version the capacitor units have fixed stages.

The regulated capacitor banks (UKRM), manufactured by our enterprise are a combination of modern technical solutions for power factor correction in the high-voltage power networks of 6.3 kV, 10.5 kV, 35 kV, and 110 kV. The capacitor banks are intended for group or centralized compensation of reactive power in commercial power supplies with the voltages of up to 110 kV. The units of this type are equipped with microprocessor control systems providing protection and automation functions.

High-voltage regulated capacitor banks with harmonic filters (UKRMF, UKKRMF) for the voltages of 6.3 kV, 10.5 kV, 27 kV, and 35 kV are used for harmonic distortion reduction and power factor raising, that helps to improve the system characteristics and cut down operating costs significantly.

At present the production association "Khomv elelectro" has executed dozens of orders and is still taking orders for manufacturing of high-voltage capacitor banks RPCF (UKRMF, UKKRMF) with harmonic filters. We manufacture capacitor banks according to the client's specifications, which are covered in the questionnaire and are a basis for the design to be developed.

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