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Khomov electro is a manufacturer with many years of experience in production of high-quality capacitor banks collaborating with recognized leaders on the market of PFC components. If you need prompt construction and delivery of any PFC equipment - we are always at your disposal.
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PFC Components

RPC Modules
RPC Modules
Reactive Power Regulators
Reactive Power Regulators

We are proud to present the basic list of components, which we produce or deliver by order.

RPC Modules
The modules for RPC capacitor units (UKM58) and RPCF (with filters, UKMF) with harmonic filters produced by the "Khomov elelectro" are an ideal solution for the reactive power systems compensation.
A module is a compact construction, including capacitors, magnetic starters and circuit breakers (or fusing elements). The RPC modules are assembled using 3-phase capacitors from "RTREnergia". The maximum capacity of one module is 100 kvar, operating voltage being 400 V. The modules for RPC are delivered completely built-in and ready-for-use, which enables fast ands easy mounting of the modules in a capacitor unit.

Reactive Power Regulators
We offer Italian digital microprocessor regulators of the DCRK, DCRG and DCRJ series from LOVATO Electric for automatic correction of the power factor. The regulators have an output relay for capacitor banks and are manufactured in different versions with 5, 7, 8 or 12 control steps (from stock if available and by order). The regulators have been used for a long time at our assembling line producing low- and high-voltage capacitor banks, that proves their high quality and reliability.

The regulators are for panel mounting, the dimensions being 9696 mm and 144144 mm with three-digit or four-digit seven-segment LED indicator, one or two displays, four-key (for DCRK) or five-key (for DCRJ) membrane keyboard, and a graphic back-illuminated LCD display (for DCRG) with resolution of 12880 providing high definition and regulated contrast. The DCRK is produced in versions with 5, 7, 8 and 12 control steps; the DCRG has 8 control steps; the DCRJ is available with 8 and 12 control steps.

BF and BFK Contactors and Vacuum Contactors
We deliver to the market of the Russian Federation Italian contactors LOVATO Electric of the BFK and BF…K series with current-limiting resistors for reactive power compensation installations. These contactors are used in capacitor banks for capacitor switching. They are rated for voltages from 220 V to 690 V with the capacity of 4.5 to 75 kvar.

The BFK and BFK contactors are furnished with "pre-switching" auxiliary contacts. The contacts are intended to provide a short connection (2-3 ms) of resistors which limit the charging rate of the capacitors. The resistors are switched off as soon as the process of the main contact closure is finished.

We have been using the vacuum contactors CBX3 produced by "Schneider Electric" in assembling of high-voltage switchgears for a few years and we have never received any customer complaints concerning the vacuum contactors work.
We offer delivery of the vacuum contactors CBX3 for 7.2 kV and 12 kV by "Schneider Electric", that is one of our most reliable partners. We are 100% sure of the quality of their products.

Three-phase and One-phase Capacitors

Three-phase and One-phase Capacitors
Three-phase and One-phase Capacitors
"RTREnergia" is a well-known Spanish capacitor manufacturer; we deliver its production to the territory of the Russian Federation. The three-phase LV capacitors RTR are represented by two main series, MA/C/CE/TER and DW, their rated voltages range within 230-690 V. One-phase PF capacitors are represented by the EA series, which covers the voltages between 230-480 V. We assemble KPC capacitor banks in rectangular enclosure and some kinds of other capacitor units based on one-phase capacitors.

Low-voltage three-phase and one-phase capacitors RTR are made of metallized self-healing polypropylene film with low loss factor, which provides higher operating characteristics. The windings are mounted in an aluminium cylinder body and covered with polyurethane resin having a high coefficient of heat removal, which helps to extend the service life of the capacitor.

We offer to deliver on order three- and one-phase high voltage capacitors of the TAF series manufactured by the Korean manufacturer Samwha. The power capacitors are intended for the power coefficient compensation and harmonic filtration in distribution networks. The TAF capacitors are made with film-type dielectric treated with insulating oil, which is safe for the environment, because it's not biodegradable. Each capacitor is equipped with a built-in discharge resistor.

Three-phase Reactors
Having our own three-phase reactor production, we manufacture the KRMF-series capacitor banks with harmonic filters for 189 Hz and 134 Hz. Each three-phase reactor is equipped with a thermal relay located in the central coil, protecting the reactor from overheating, The core is made of magnetically-oriented steel liminations. The coils are made of aluminium. Reactors with copper coils can be manufactured on order.
We produce reactors for the standard capacities of 12.5, 25 and 50 kvar with a detune quotient of 7% or 14%. The reactors with the capacities of 10, 20, 40, and 70 kvar and resonance frequency of 134 Hz can be manufactured by individual order. The manufacture time for standard items is 15-20 working days, 25 working days for nonstandard capacity.

Dismountable Current Transformers TAR and TAP

Dismountable Current Transformers TAR and TAP
Dismountable Current Transformers TAR and TAP
The company "Khomov elelectro" presents dismountable current transformers from a Spanish manufacturer, SACI, of two different series (TAR and TAP). The TAR series unit has a body made of resin, while the body of the TAP series unit is made of plastic.

The dismountable current transformers of each series have a dismountable core, which enables easy installation on a busbar or cable without circuit break. It can be just put on the conductor, so you can fix the current transformer on a bus bar or cable without laborious disassembling. Due to this fact the mounting time of the TAR and TAP is 6 times less than the mounting time of standard current transformers.

The dismountable current transformers of the TAR and TAP series are mainly used in low voltage systems for indoor installations. They have versions for a wide variety of measured currents (from 100 to 5000 ) and window sizes for busbars from 3020 mm to 16080 mm or cables with diameters of 20 to 80 mm.

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