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Khomov electro is a manufacturer with many years of experience in production of high-quality capacitor banks collaborating with recognized leaders on the market of PFC components. If you need prompt construction and delivery of any PFC equipment - we are always at your disposal.
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"North" heat-insulated block containers, as well as universal metal block containers (UMBC) designed for accommodation of capacitor banks, diesel generators, water purification systems, telecommunications and industrial equipment are manufactured by our company using advanced welding and plasma equipment from ESAB since 2011.

Heat-insulated containers manufactured by "Khomov electro" enterprise are also used for packaging of compressor and pump stations, accommodation of production control units, emergency diesel power plants, as well as organization of domestic and storage spaces.

Heat-insulated block container is all-welded structure. Bearing element of the block container is a welded three-axis metal frame made of U-sections of different cross sections.

Additionally, "North" containers are equipped with ventilation systems, automatic fire extinguishing systems, main and emergency lighting. These systems are used to ensure the reliability and safety of diesel generator units, condensing units and other equipment.

To clarify a lead time of a manufacture and the price of block containers please contact our sales managers, tel.: +7 (495) 981-98-39; +7 (495) 642-58-82; +7 (498) 653-40- 68 or send a request to

Main characteristics

Parameter Value
Length, mm 1000 … 14 000
Width, mm 1200 2 500
Height, mm 2000 2500
Climatic version and category of installation 1, 1, 1, 1
Operating temperature From -60 to +50 °
Service life, years 25


  • High mobility and ease of transport
  • Complete factory readiness for operation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Longer service life
  • Can be installed on a mobile chassis
  • Remote monitoring and management
  • Low noise level during operation
  • Ability to move without additional transport (for the version with runners and tow hook)
  • Savings when transported in railway containers over long distances (for the version "container in the container")


The main structural material in the manufacture of the frame and power unit of the block containers is sheet steel, profile pipes of different cross-sections, and channels.

The base, racks, the roof is a welded frame made of U-shaped channel with thickness of 4 mm to 15 mm. Due to high load-bearing capacity, this type of metal increases the reliability of the design of the block container and its service life.

The walls (cladding) of the heat-insulated container is made of steel sheet with thickness of 2 mm to 4 mm.

The floor consists of several layers: rough floor made of steel sheet with thickness of 1.5 mm, insulation made of heat-insulated material, finishing floor made of steel corrugated sheet with thickness of 4 mm. In addition to this, the floor structures are made of steel profiles of various sections, which allow allocating heavy equipment.

In the manufacture of the block container non-combustible materials are used, which allow to reach the degree of fire resistance 3a and fire safety group B3.

Hinged gates are insulated; one leaf is equipped with a lock.

Heat-insulation is made of fireproof material; insulation thickness ranges from 100 to 200 mm according to the Customers request and according to climatic version and allocation category (ambient temperature from -60 to +50C). All types of containers have heat-insulated walls, floor, ceiling, doors and gates. Thermo-insulating materials ROCKWOOL and URSA or polystyrene foam plates are used as a heat-insulator.

Transportation and installation

Containers allow any mode of transportation. Upon the Customers request, the version with runners (sledge) and tow hook is possible, as well as the version allowing allocation inside the standard railway container (the system called "container in the container").

Heat-insulated block containers manufactured by "Khomovelectro" company allow their fixed installation on different types of foundation, namely: LG groundsills, USO racks, piles, all-welded metal frame.

Supply and exhaust ventilation system

The block container is equipped with forced supply and exhaust ventilation. The ventilation system operates automatically in alignment with a fans microprocessor control unit and automatic shutters (valves). Form factor of ventilation holes provides increased protection from snow, rain, dust, and allows the user to close them, if necessary.

Heat and noise insulation

Heat and noise insulation of block containers is made of high quality materials (glass palletized fiber or polystyrene foam plates).

Earthing network

Earthing network is made of steel on the inner perimeter of the heat-insulated container. Earthing network is made at 400 mm from the floor, using 4x40 mm steel strip which protrudes beyond the edge of the container by 60 mm. All connections of the earthing network strips are made overlap, welded with full penetrated weld on all sides.

Electrical equipment and heating

The container is equipped with working lighting system, which includes an auxiliary board, working lightning 220V powered from the mains or from an auxiliary transformer. Working lighting system provides illumination of not less than 100 lux; the container is also equipped with outlets with protective covers.

Additionally, upon the Customers request, "North" container can be equipped with emergency lighting system using voltage of 12-24V, which will be powered by a diesel generator or battery.

Electric heaters included in the heating system of the block container provide the temperature inside the container of 16 3C.

Paintwork and corrosion protection

Multi-purpose priming enamel is used for painting the containers, forming a matte finish with good chemical, atmospheric resistance, and resistance to permanent effects of sea and fresh water. This two-component epoxy-polyurethane paint provides reliable protection of metal structures against weathering, resistant to air temperature of up to 150C and retains its protective properties over the entire service life of the container.

Upon the Customers request, color of the paintwork of the container may correspond to a color scheme according to the corporate style.

Fire and security alarm and fire-extinguishing system

Fire and security alarm includes fire and security control board, smoke detectors, fire and security annunciators, and automatic fire extinguishing system.

Dimensions and weight

Type Length, mm Width, mm Height, mm Weight, t
UMBC-1,0 1000 2200 2400 1,1
UMBC-1,5 1500 2200 2400 1,4
UMBC-2,0 2000 2200 2400 1,7
UMBC-2,4 2400 2200 2400 1,9
UMBC-2,85 2850 2200 2400 2,2
UMBC-3,0 3000 2200 2400 2,3
UMBC-3,2 3200 2200 2400 2,4
UMBC-3,5 3500 2200 2400 2,6
UMBC-3,75 3750 2200 2400 2,7
UMBC-4,0 4000 2200 2400 2,9
UMBC-4,5 1000 2200 2400 3,2
UMBC-5,0 5000 2200 2400 3,5
UMBC-5,5 5500 2200 2400 3,7
UMBC-6,0 6000 2200 2400 3,8
UMBC-6,5 6500 2200 2400 4,1
UMBC-7,0 7000 2200 2400 4,4
UMBC-7,5 7500 2200 2400 4,9
UMBC-8,0 8000 2200 2400 5,4
UMBC-8,5 8500 2200 2400 5,8
UMBC-9,0 9000 2200 2400 6,2
UMBC-10,0 10000 2200 2400 6,6
UMBC-10,5 10500 2200 2400 7,0
UMBC-11,0 11000 2200 2400 7,4
UMBC-11,5 11500 2200 2400 7,8
UMBC-12,0 12000 2200 2400 8,2
UMBC-13,0 13000 2200 2400 9,0
UMBC-14,0 14000 2200 2400 9,8
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